Welcome to Creative Connections NFP’s internet home. Creative Connections is a brand-new non-profit community center located in La Salle, Illinois. We are just getting started, but our goal is to be 100% donation-based, and 100% accessible. This means that anyone can come and play! All we ask is that people pay what they can!

Here is our Logo!  It is a purple and orange lotus flower with a black and white  paintbrush, music notes, theatre masks, and light bulb floating above it.  Below the flower, Creative Connections NFP is written in black letters.

Want to join our classes? Click here to check out our calendar!

Dedicated Staff

Our faculty are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons.

Wanna Get Involved?

If you have a class you would like to teach or a service you would like to provide, send us and e-mail to [email protected]. We would love to work with you!

Stay tuned!

We will keep you posted about new updates.

Creative Connections NFP is a Registered 501c3 Nonprofit Organization in the State of Illinois